A selection of specific examples (published scientific reports 2000-2006) are listed below.



•    Networks, Competition, Innovation and Industrial Growth  //  Article


•    Network Economics for Internet Distributed Systems: Management Implications


•    Network Economies for the Internet-Application Models


•    Strategic Alliances in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals


•    Economies of Network Industries


•    Innovation, Technology and Hypercompetition


•    Strategic Economics of Network Industries


•    Strategic Economics Growth and Catch-Up  //  Appendix


•    Competition in Increasing Returns and Network Industries


•    Regulatory Practice of European Telecommunications


•    Strategic Alliances in Global Biotech Pharma Industries


•    High-Tech Industries in a Time of Global Crisis with Special Reference to East Asia


•    Quality of Service on Queueing Networks for the Internet


•    Chinese Innovation and Competition


•    Dynamics of Innovation, Competition and Market Dynamics


•    Courseware: Comparative Innovation and Innovation Systems: Strategies



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